Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Well is dry

Hello my friends,
Just in case you are wondering what happened to me here an update. once I get home I get catch up in the usual Christmas shopping and family gathering. So I have not had the chance to write. Also when I did try to write... I was dry. I had nothing... So I'm trying to read something hoping the juice will return. Note I said trying.... School might be over for Christmas break but I'm still busy.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I hate being sick!

so for the last 2 days I have been sick, so sick I don't feel like doing anything, like walking to class, working on my class work or writing. i'm just been sleeping the days away. so i'm behind by 600 words maybe I'll write them later tonight, since I'm feeling better and not sleeply since I slept most of the day.
thanks for advice amanda.

daily word count: 0

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

1st day in my challenge.

First what going on in my life.
I might be getting an internship at the place I really really want to intern!
Now I'm just going to "think out loud"
I'm so shy it hurt sometime... you know the people who rather run away then face other people..... that me..... well was me. I'm not so shy anymore that I can't face people.... it just a certain person.... and I don't run away I more avoid. I want to run away, it just that I see him at work and can't run away. Yes, i know sad. We play the staring or watching game as I like to call it. See we don't work for the same place it just that there are two stores with windows/ glass wall between them. i work at the coffee cafe and he work at the campus bookstore. So everyone watches people though the glass. anyway I'm just shy, so I just watch, I don't smile or anything just watch, I'm bad about watching people anyway lol. Ok i'm finish rambling about it.
Amanda I know you are the only one who read my blog so thank for "listening" lol

Day word count is 321!

Monday, December 3, 2007

A challange to myself.

I plan to write 300 words for ten days starting tomorrow. After the ten days are up (final exams will be finish and Christmas break start) I will then start to increase my word count by beating the previce day word count until Dec 31th. That the challange I created for me. lol!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

42nd day of sweat

OK so I basically started the story over. Started writing it from the hero Point of View. Normally I write both together though out the book. No no not this time. For started I decided to write in first person from my heroine point of view. this worked pretty well until I realized I don't know my hero. He doesn't talk to me or my heroine very often, make it hard to write about him. Men! any who over my very short thanksgiving break my hero all the sudden started telling me his side of the story. (yes i hear voices in my head.....*roll eyes* It called writing a story in your head.... just that charterers take over..... yes I'm crazy what can I say I'm a writer. ) any who.... So I'm now writing his story. It could not have come at the worst time. i have a research paper due next week and then finals.

Yesterday word count: 275

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

for anyone who's wondering

Writing really slow right now. Between school and writing, school come first so I'm trying to finished projects that are due after Thanksgiving. I'm hoping once Chirstmas Break start I'll get a chance to play catch up. I know that weeks aways but I'm going to be busy those weeks.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

30th day of sweat

I started writing again this morning! As soon as I woke up I wrote for 30 minutes! Yay! I'd would do a little dance but I'm not a morning person.

Word Count: 341 and counting (fingers crossed)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

28th day of sweat

Amanda. I'm fine now. My friend with the kindey stone had to go to the hospital, so thursday and friday I was at the hospital most of the time. He had surgery on friday's morning. I know I don't want to be in the hospital by myself so I'm not going to let my friend stay in the hospital alone. So I tried to stay as much as I could. My friend came home on friday. The weekend was busy with being lazy.... trying to do school work. Sunday I get sick and monday was not any better. I finally feel better today. I wrote a little the whole time. Mostly in a notebook. So i need to type that up to see how many words I have this week, plus I didn't have a clue what to write over the weekend but I think I have a good idea where to take the plot now. Thank you for your time to everyone who bother to read this. lol
Thank you Amanda for being a good friend (in the world of blogging)

Words count: who knows

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

21st day of sweat

The camping retreat was just what I needed. I'll tell you more tomorrow what happened. Right now I'm ready for bed. I have a test tomorrow so... anyway today word count is 876. A little bit here, a little bit there. It's starting to add up. I feel good about my word count. Will aim for a higher number tomorrow.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

17th day of sweat and 1st of NaNo

Today while also studying for a test I wrote 575 words today. I now write for 30 minutes right after I wake up. As soon as I wake up I start my computer, open the word program, then set my cell phone timer, then for the next 30 minutes I write. I will write about 250 - 300 words. I know I'm not a very fast typer. Later that day I told 15 minutes break from studying to write. So at that time I wrote about 200 words. I'm not going to get much writing done this weekend I'm going to camp for the weekend. Its a college students retreat. I think it be fun, it was fun last year when I went.

15th and 16th day of sweat

Happy Halloween!
No little ghosts, witchs or fairies came to my door tonight. we had a whole bowl of candy too. So my words count for yestesday was 420 and today none. I trying to write the hero's pov now. Harder then i thought. His pov is in 3rd person. I just feel like his side of story explain a few screens better but I'm not yet sure how to write. I feel like I should just write and not worry about it but sometime that hard. I want to go back and if it, change it, but what I change doesn't sound right either. Sometime I think what I orinally write sounded better. Plus I dealing with school. Ugggg..... I need to find a internship for Spring semester. Every where I have tried so far, say sorry we're not supporting a internet at that time or they already have enough interns. I want to write to help with the stress but then I stress over the writing. I know my posts are not up beat right now I'm sorry. It just that time of the semester I guess. I know it'll get better. It always does, its just climbing the mountain that turn out to be a grain of sand, but the climbing is the hardest part.

Monday, October 29, 2007

14th day of sweat

Today I didn't get the chance to type anything up. I wrote some on a scape piece of paper. See this morning at 6 my friend wake me up. He needed to go to the ER. Turned out the poor guy had a kidney stone. Normally I write in the morning when I wake up. My mind still in dreamland where anything can happen so I tend to write better before my coffee crazy right? lol anyway so I didn't have the chance this morning. I wrote a little at the hospital but it felt like an coming of an idea more then part of my story. It was more like my hero's journal. Anyway I spent 3 hours in the er this morning with my friend. I feel like I hitting a wall in everything I'm doing, not just writing. I need to find that ladder to help me get over the wall. Stupid thing is hiding from me. Anyone have any small ideas on how to de-stress?

13th day of sweat

hi for sunday the 13th day of sweat I wrote 695 words! ok now I'm going to bed. Goodnight!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

12th day of sweat

yesterday, the 12 day of sweat, I wrote 686 words. yay! Better then I have been writing lately. I haven't written anything today yet.

Friday, October 26, 2007

11 day of sweat

so yesterday was the 11th day of the writing challange and once again I didn't write anything. I'm hoping once mid-terms are over I'm have more time to write. hmmmm I feel like I'm just full of excuses.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

10th day of sweat

Ok so today was a bad day. I almost have a wreak, it would have been my fault too. i was going to pick up a friend so we could go observe a meeting for school, I only been over that once. I going to the road, I thought the road was farther away then it was. I ended up crossing the road right in front of a white car she turn just in time. Oh Thank God! I been mentally beating myself up since it happen. Why was I thinking the road was farther? why? Anyway safe and sound now.
Amanda thank you for the advice!
I wrote 317 words today so 350 or more tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

9th day of sweat

I really need to come up with something othe then my word count to talk about... I know! How about this picture above! Marjorie M. Liu get all the luck with book covers. Sorry I have to take a moment to drool.... anyway to know more about this book and the auther just click the link on the side line of this blog.
oh my word count today is 236 in case anyone is wandering.....

Monday, October 22, 2007

8th day of sweat

So this morning I tried writing for 15 minutes in the morning before doing anything else, to see if it help story flow later when I had a chance to write. I wrote a little that 15 then after another long day I work for a short time. I wrote 242 words today.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

7th day of Sweat

once again I didn't get the chance to write all day. It's my friend's birthday so it been a busy day and weekend. I hope to do better next week!

6th day of sweat

so today I didn't get a change to write one word. first time since the challange began that i have a word count of zero. Man!

Tomorrow is a new day!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

5th day of Sweat

today 136 word count, man I'm tried. Long day!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

4th day of sweat

So today I reread a little of my story to decide if I should change it to 3rd person and realized that if i change it now i'll ruin the story. So the 102 words i wrote yesterday I'm no longer counting toward my at the end of 70 days' goal. Today I wrote 242 words but if i take the 102 from yesterday away I only have 140.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

3rd of sweat

Right now my story is in first person from the girl's point of view. Normal I like to write in 3rd person and include the guy's point of view. Well in this story the guy was not tell me much so I decide to write it in 1st person in the girl's pov. Well yesterday I'm writing an scene and BAM! I know how it's effect the guy and have a strong desire to write his reaction....so this changed the story for me. Today I write his pov. But I don't get far because he still not telling me much. So all I write today is 102 words.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

in the pic

btw the Karen Marie Moning's book in the picture is To Tame A Highland Warrior. I'm just getting in the series.

2nd day of sweat

ok today was a busy day. I went to class this morning, spent to much time on the internet, and then when to work at three - seven. i finally sat down to write at 10:15 and wrote for about 45 minutes. Better then not writing at all. So today word count is only 407, but it better then zero!

Monday, October 15, 2007

1st day of sweat

Today is the first day of 70's days of sweat. Yes I realized that is all I have posted about lately. So here is my boring word count of the day and it's not a big fat zero but 1070! yay! I'm staring strong! ok you can now go yawn somewhere else if you don't mind. lol!
My heroine just saw the latest reason she doesn't trust her own instints with men.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

70 days of Sweat start tomorrow

So a few weeks ago i signed up for 70 days of sweat ( no it's not a workout program). The idea is to write so many words a day on one or many Work in Process (WIP) I have only one I wished to work on and finish.
Tomorrow the challange BEGIN! I plan on posting everyday how many words I wrote that day. i know boring, but i'm hoping that knowing i promise I'll post my word count will keep me writing so I won't post the number Zero for the day.
Good Luck to anyone else who daring to take this challange!

Monday, October 8, 2007

fixed the link

The link for the 70's days of sweat, under sven's picture is fixed. It now goes to the new website! yay!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

I found a new tracker. Lets see how this one look!

I wrote 446 words today. I'm working up to writing 750 - 1000 words a day by Oct 15!

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Here is how far I'm on my WIP so far

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
22,598 / 85,000

We'll see how far I get over this next 70 days of sweat challange. I'm not sure I'm going to do the NANO challange this year.

Friday, October 5, 2007

70 days of sweat (the 2nd time to try)

so I signed up for Sven's 70 days of sweat today (again) This is the 2nd time they had the challange and the 2nd time for me to try to finish a novel in 70 days. I didn't finish my novel the last time, so I'm trying again. My goal this time to to finish the novel I started last time. I said on the 70 days blog that I wish to write 750 - 1000 words a day. cross my fingers hope I can do that and pass my classes too. I plan on reporting here daily on my words count, and just my thoughts on how i'm writing and keeping my grades up for school. But keeping in mind that my homework and study come first and then reaching my goal.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday's Musings

Just a few things I've thought about today.

1. I haven't wrote anything on my story in two week. I should be about half way finish but I'm not. I wonder if it because I changed the place where I write. Really that should not make a different.

2. God created us so he could have us to love, so how much do you love God?

3. Sherrily Kenyon's The Devil May Cry, is worth hardback price. If you want a few $ off Target has a good price.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Middle Report

It the middle of 3rd week of 70 days of Sweat. I'm 22,792 words into my book. Not much differnet then the end of week one. Week two was slow I only wrote 4176 words that week. It bother me last week but not this week because it still means I'm that closer to my goal. Yes I believe in keeping a postive outlook no matter what. It's keep me going though my not very hard life so far. The wrost thing I gone thought in my life is my hearing loss and what thrown at me though that. Trust me others' lives sound worst then mine. I just can't spell, have the bad grammer and every once in a while have to say what, one to many times. Anywho (love that word lol) Back to my Middle Report. Yesterday I finally got back on track with my writing. I decide to write out of order, random scenes in my head. That my basic plan for the week to write these random scenes that may or may not end up in the finally draft of the story.
Thanks for reading

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday's Book Review

Thursday’s Review

Liz Maverick’s Wired

First I must say something about Dorchester’s new line Shomi. I love the idea. I love it since I heard about it last summer after the RWA Nationals 2006. Manga covers, Girl thrown into another world or her world is thrown off balance, Strong heroine, and all in a romance with a happy ever after ending! My kind of books! The kind I wish to write. The kind I wish to continue reading. Ok I admit that I brought Wired to get the inside scoop on the Shomi line.
What did I find?
I found great characterization, an unexpected twist, a happy ending and a WOW overall story. I want to read it again
Hard Trust
Here you go, fast track beginning (can be a good thing), and sometime hard to follow.

I’ll say again I want to read it a second time!

I want to see the things I didn’t see or understand the first time I read it. At this moment I’m thinking about the movie, Interview with a Vampire. If that not your type of movie, think of another one that learn something new every time you watch it or you notice something you miss the first or all the other times you watched it. I believe that what will happen when I read Wired again.

One More Thing

One more thing before I give you the back cover ploy summery of Liz’s book.
Liz and Marianne, two authors of the Shomi line, wore costumes to RWA Nationals last week. Personally I love the idea; others did not, to say the least. Mind you, I didn’t go to RWA Nationals, even thou I wanted to. So I didn’t have the experience to see them in their costumes. I did see Marianne’s picture on her blog. Cute! Guess what? I’m a manga fan, so I’m part of the target audience. I’m also in my 20ty again part of the target audience. Even if you are not part of the target audience, the young of all ages should try this line of books. Oh and another thing. I heard Sherrilyn Kenyon wore a black swan and vampire teeth with her usual black at the RWA’s signing. Can anyone say her books are not written well? No!!! Her books are bestsellers and so good!


If you are a manga’s fan, Sherrilyn Kenyon’s fan, Sci-fi fan or just looking for something different to read, go read Liz Maverick’s Wired and the rest of the line. Marianne’s book comes out in August. If….If … you don’t, for whatever reason, don’t like Liz’s book. Read the others anyway since they’re written by different authors. It’s a different writer’s voice on those pages. You never know you might love one of the others.

Book’s back cover summery

Seconds aren't like pennies. They can't be saved in a jar and spent later. Fate seeps through cracks and shifts like fog. Pluck a second out of time or slip an extra one in, the consequences will change your life forever. Is the man you love really the man you think you know, or is there a version of your life in which he's your enemy? If you didn't know who or what you were before, would you take a chance on becoming that person again? L. Roxanne Zaborovsky is about to discover fate is comprised of an infinite number of wires, filaments that can be manipulated, and that she's not the one at the controls. From the roguishly charming Mason Merrick -- a shadow from her increasingly tenebrous past -- to the dangerously seductive Leonardo Kaysar, she's barely holding on. This isn't a game, and the pennies are rolling all over the floor. Roxy just has to figure out which are the ones worth picking up.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

11th day of sweat

It's Wednesday so far this week I have 2,139 words. 15, 560 out of 85,000. Wow that look amazon written down! I never had that many words written before. The middle of my story has always been the hardest part for me. I'm in the middle, as you can see. For some writers this may still be the beginning....and in a way it is. I have written something everyday! Its so great! But my daily goal is 1,300 words. So far this week I haven't written that many on any given day. The reason is I'm scared! Like I said before never been here before in a manuscript. This is about the time I start doubting my story. So far I'm not doubting it. In fact I'm thinking if they (they being the published Authors of the world. Love y'all, keep writing those amazing stories!) any who, if they can do, so can I! If they think their stories suck while they write, then I'm not in bad company. I can't tell you how bad I want this! So if any of you have any tips or advice to help keep writing please share!
Thank you!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

week 1 of sweat

I wrote 9627 words so far! yaya! That for the first week. I'm that much closer to finishing!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

5th day of sweat

Still in the seventy days of sweat Challenge by alison kent.
It's the end of day 5. I'm still going strong! I found that I write best between 7-10 something at night. I never dreamed that would end up my best time to write. For the last 2 days I've gone 730 words over my daily goal. so alittle over 2000 words a day. Wow! I'm that much closer to my over all goal, that what I keep telling myself.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

3rd sweaty day

ok it the 3rd day of Alison Kent's seventy days of sweat! This challenge is just what i need to sit my butt down to write! Goodness know that what authors do day in and day out they sit at thier computer and write. And most days I never get around to writing. It like I'm scare or something. Scare i fail and i have yet to try so I have failed if i haven't tried. Now thanks to Seventy days of sweat I'm trying and I'm now farther in my book.
As I said in the earlier post my goal is 85000 words in 70 days. I figured out that about 1300 words a day. That number alittle over but still doable.
So on sunday I found out about the challenge from Marjorie M Liu's LiveJournal Blog. She didn't say much but I was then curious so I click the link to Alison's blog. Wow like I keep saying just what I needed so I signed up. It was late on sunday but I started writing. I wrote least then a page but it got me started! Yesterday (monday) I read the posts that Alison linked in her blog, realized that I don't have so much on my plate as some of the authors in this chanenge it was a wow moment. also on monday I wrote my words count for the day I still behind becouse of sunday but it's ok I'm writing!! that what matter! and i'm closer to finish my book then i was on sunday. That what I keep telling myself I'm closer. I'm closer! Great feeling! So I need to go write for today. Thank you for visiting my blog! ~A

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Seventy Days of Sweat

Seventy Days of Sweat - the writing challenge
I just sign up for this challenge by Allison Kent!
Goodness know I need something to help me write everyday.
Click the link above for more info.
Now I'm going to go write.
Oh by the way my goal is to write 85,000 words in the next 70 days!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Here a post by Lilith Saintcrow
Here a little of what she had to say...

So you finished one book. That's great. It's wonderful. I cannot say too much how wonderful it is. Go out, get drunk, get laid, celebrate with the substance/friends/food/party of your choice.
Then get over your hangover the next morning and go back to the goddamn keyboard or pen. Sit down, and write something else. Get back to work. Do it as soon as you can, don't give yourself a reason to put it off. Because writing is what makes a writer. To paraphrase the Buddha: before finishing novel, write and revise. After finishing novel, write more and revise.

The line "Sit down, and write somethig else." That what catch my attention, only for me it should say... Sit down and write something! What I get out of this article, that really about "the writer of the one manuscript", is if you want to succeed in the world of publishing you need to write everyday, even when you feel bone dry out of inspiration. Well that my thoughts for now. Now I'm going to have my coffee and go write. ~A

Monday, March 19, 2007

Cool Website

Here another Romance Writer, really a group of writers' blog

All A-blog

Monday, March 5, 2007

alittle bit about my story

My story is a paranormal romance about this world and another world. Mary, my heroine, is looking for her missing sister. Kaal, my hero, has come to this world in search for the person stealing magic. They have agree to help each other, oh the touble this lead too.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

starting over

I have decide to change my beginning of my Work in Progress (WIP) so my word count has started over again.