Saturday, April 26, 2008

some thoughts

First thought is I don't like the new name of my blog... I changed it earlier because I thought Writer of an Unfinished Novel sounded negative. I want to write about how I write a novel from start to finish. Then about the adventure that happen after.

Second thought is I wrote about 150 words today. I'm glad I wrote at all. I'm sick with a running nose, a cough, and can't hear (worse then normal). So I'm on meds so it not as bad as it was.

Third thought is I was going to try this book in a week thing that the girls over at First Edition started last week but I think I'll wait until I'm finish with my meds before I start that. The basic of the idea is to write 200 pages in a week. Maybe if I try this idea I can make it to the dreaded middle of my story or at least get a lot more then 100 words written a day.

Fourth thought is.... I have no clue about the ending of my story or the middle for that matter! This is a first for me in a long.. long time. I have normally have parts of my story in my head. I write the ending hoping that I'll one day write the rest of the story to met the ending but that never happened. So maybe it's a good thing that I don't have a clue what going to happen next. Yeah that what bothering me I don't know what going to happen next.

Right now in my story I'm trying to explain the heroine's world. She in with the wrong crowd so to speak and starting to realize it. I'm still in the beginning.

OK Fifth and last thought lol is about two posts over at 70 days of sweat.
The first one is "Oh How very appropriate."
It's about taking a risk in your writing and how the writer feel that the story she working on only make sure to her at the moment. I feel that way about my story too.
OK the other post is "Why I write."
It's about writing the book you want to read. lol Now I have always thought this was a good idea and that I was trying to write the story I wanted to read but it turn out I was just trying to rewrite the stories I have read. Now for the first time I really do feel like I'm writing a story I want to read because I've yet to see it on the bookstore bookshelf.