Friday, June 27, 2008

Why I write

First to understand why I write, you must know why I love reading. Yes, I know most writers love to read. It’s the love for the story that drives them to want to create their own stories.
The people who visit this blog may have notice the few and far between comments I have made about having a hearing lost. Most people have had a few times when they don’t hear or understand what someone else is saying. Well, imagine having that 24/7. For the most part you understand what the other person is saying then come a word you’re not expecting or rarely see. I read lips when I have a hard time understanding what I’m hearing. Once that word passed you are lost. You miss the rest of the conversion because your mind is to busy trying to figure out that WORD! Yes, incase you are wondering my mind run a million miles a minute trying to guess what you are going to say and what have you already said.
Anyway, a young girl, me, who hates whisperings and has a bad habit of tuning people out when I don’t understand, opened a book and I understand every word. There is no “what did you say?” , “Please repeat that.”, Or “what did they just say?” No! Every word is there. Right there! Printout in little black letters! In this wonderful silence but noisy world I “heard” perfectly. Of course after reading about these wonderful worlds I wanted to write about them. This is why I write for the same reason I read.

Why do you write or read? Is to escape to another world or to hear every word like me?