Saturday, January 19, 2008

what I have written lately

As some of you know I have started my internship. Part of my assignment in for my internship is to work on 3 projects. One of my project is to write an Dear Parents letter about why should parents make their 2 year olds follow the rules. Well here is the letter:

Dear Parents,
It is very important that your two year olds follow rules. He is now starting to explore the world around him. He needs to know the rules of that world. Now is the time to teach them. One reason to start teaching the rules is that your child’s language will grow leaps and bounds in the next few years. Some experts say that children between the ages of two - six will learn the meaning of eight new words a day. This will help them learn the meaning of your directions. While exploring he will show a strong need for independence. This means that he is also going to need boundaries. Your child is going to test these boundaries to lean his limits and the rules. Rules are significant for your child’s development.
Here are some suggestions on how to teach your child to follow directions:
· Think of discipline as a teaching tool.
· At this age children learn by example, show your child what you wish for them to learn. If you wish for them to clean up their room, show them how to clean up their room.
· Try to teach the rule by turning it into a game. An example is turning cleaning up their room into pretend-play. Pretend that their toys need to return home. Have the toys walk, jump or even fly home.
· After saying no, offer two acceptable choices. An example would be if your child wants a toy someone else is playing with offer them a choice between two other toys.

If anyone see any grammer mistakes please let me know. I turn this in next week.