Monday, June 9, 2008

taking over the world!

Well I was planning on posting something about the lifetime tv show ArmyWives today as you can see I haven't. I love that show! I'm so glad it started back this past sunday.
No, I'm going to post about my lastest genius plan on how I'm taking over the world! just kidding. No, it just my lastest plan on how I'm going to write more. lol. See I'm going to take over the world one word at a time!
So Fast draft has started again and I'm going for it! This is where every writer must write 20 pages a day for two weeks and then post it on the Candace Haven's yahoo group. I'm not part of a team this time so I'm just going to post what me, myself and I wrote! While it started today, I'm going to start tomorrow!
Best of Luck to all writers!
Don't forget to write today!