Wednesday, June 4, 2008

lets talk feet

Here are 5 things I find funny about feet.

1. Some people don't have much of an arch in the bottom of their foot. (me for one)
2. Sometime the 2nd toe is longer then the "Big Toe." (Beware of these people they're bossy)
3. Our (women's) feet need a little paint to look good.
4. If you count your toes really fast you need up with eleven.
5. Without your "Big Toe" you lose your balance.

I posted this yesterday but I forgot to ask:

What do you find funny about feet?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Who’s watching you? Or more to the point who are you watching? I don’t know about other writers but I like to people watch. Some people favorite hobby is bird watching mine are writing and people watching. When I lived in the dorms my room was on the 2nd floor. I would sit in the window, must to college staff dismay, and watch people walk across the small quad next to my dorm.
Our campus is known for its brick sidewalk and roads. The quad has a small slop and its brick paths formed a star like pattern with a small flower garden in the middle. Not many flowers grew there since everyone going to the cafeteria walked through it. I liked to watch people walk down the slop, to see how their walk change once they reached that point. The funniest times were when some of the girls from the other girl’s dorm would try to walk in heels down that sideway made of brick. Their walk would change trying to balance on these pencil thin heels. I never saw anyone fall but a few almost trips. I think how we walk is one of our most interesting habits.
When a writer tells how their characters walk it tell all about their personality.
As a writer what habits do you often put in your story?
If you like to watch people what habit do you watch or watch for?