Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Middle Report

It the middle of 3rd week of 70 days of Sweat. I'm 22,792 words into my book. Not much differnet then the end of week one. Week two was slow I only wrote 4176 words that week. It bother me last week but not this week because it still means I'm that closer to my goal. Yes I believe in keeping a postive outlook no matter what. It's keep me going though my not very hard life so far. The wrost thing I gone thought in my life is my hearing loss and what thrown at me though that. Trust me others' lives sound worst then mine. I just can't spell, have the bad grammer and every once in a while have to say what, one to many times. Anywho (love that word lol) Back to my Middle Report. Yesterday I finally got back on track with my writing. I decide to write out of order, random scenes in my head. That my basic plan for the week to write these random scenes that may or may not end up in the finally draft of the story.
Thanks for reading