Tuesday, May 6, 2008

run for your lives!

Thank you Amanda for posting about sprint writing! I wrote 1020 words tonight!
Anyway here an update

Title:Keep Faith
New words: 1020
How many people ran off today: 2. Will and Mary are running for thier lives well at least for his.
Mary: Is helping Will escape.
Will: Wondering how he got stuck with the crazy woman.
“Woman! What are you doing?” he asked. She didn’t answer instead she moved her arms in a movement that told him to hurry back through the window. Once he climbed through, she ran back across the court yard. He decided to follow but he had a lot of questions.

Sprint Writing!

Well this greenhorn at sprint writing finally wrote with some ladies from endurance writing group at Yahoo. I only wrote with them for 30 minutes since I joined the chat late last night but I wrote 490 words.
A few things I discovered while writing.
1. This story is a YA novel.
2. The bad guy of the scene think the heroine is dumb.