Thursday, November 1, 2007

17th day of sweat and 1st of NaNo

Today while also studying for a test I wrote 575 words today. I now write for 30 minutes right after I wake up. As soon as I wake up I start my computer, open the word program, then set my cell phone timer, then for the next 30 minutes I write. I will write about 250 - 300 words. I know I'm not a very fast typer. Later that day I told 15 minutes break from studying to write. So at that time I wrote about 200 words. I'm not going to get much writing done this weekend I'm going to camp for the weekend. Its a college students retreat. I think it be fun, it was fun last year when I went.

15th and 16th day of sweat

Happy Halloween!
No little ghosts, witchs or fairies came to my door tonight. we had a whole bowl of candy too. So my words count for yestesday was 420 and today none. I trying to write the hero's pov now. Harder then i thought. His pov is in 3rd person. I just feel like his side of story explain a few screens better but I'm not yet sure how to write. I feel like I should just write and not worry about it but sometime that hard. I want to go back and if it, change it, but what I change doesn't sound right either. Sometime I think what I orinally write sounded better. Plus I dealing with school. Ugggg..... I need to find a internship for Spring semester. Every where I have tried so far, say sorry we're not supporting a internet at that time or they already have enough interns. I want to write to help with the stress but then I stress over the writing. I know my posts are not up beat right now I'm sorry. It just that time of the semester I guess. I know it'll get better. It always does, its just climbing the mountain that turn out to be a grain of sand, but the climbing is the hardest part.

Monday, October 29, 2007

14th day of sweat

Today I didn't get the chance to type anything up. I wrote some on a scape piece of paper. See this morning at 6 my friend wake me up. He needed to go to the ER. Turned out the poor guy had a kidney stone. Normally I write in the morning when I wake up. My mind still in dreamland where anything can happen so I tend to write better before my coffee crazy right? lol anyway so I didn't have the chance this morning. I wrote a little at the hospital but it felt like an coming of an idea more then part of my story. It was more like my hero's journal. Anyway I spent 3 hours in the er this morning with my friend. I feel like I hitting a wall in everything I'm doing, not just writing. I need to find that ladder to help me get over the wall. Stupid thing is hiding from me. Anyone have any small ideas on how to de-stress?

13th day of sweat

hi for sunday the 13th day of sweat I wrote 695 words! ok now I'm going to bed. Goodnight!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

12th day of sweat

yesterday, the 12 day of sweat, I wrote 686 words. yay! Better then I have been writing lately. I haven't written anything today yet.