Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The New Year! 2008!

One of my friends, over at LiveJournal, Elle posted what she learned about her writing over the past year, on her blog. Well I have not learned as many things as she had but here are the few things I learned.

1. It's okay to write.... bad. It easier to fix a page full of words then stare at a blank page waiting for the right words to come.
2. When I have a moment where I'm not sure where to go next. Its best for me to write or start a short story. I would at least wrote something that day. Plus the book I'm trying to write hates that I'm away and start talking to me again. :)
3. I really really need to quit worrying about the word count.
4. No matter what it best if I write something everyday.

Okay, now my plans for the coming year....

1. Finish school
2. Find a nice job so I can get out of my parents' hair.... I mean house. (really it's not that bad, just that what children are suppose to do. Move out eventually) Not that moving is in the plans for 2008
3. Write for myself! Not for publishing or other people. Goes along with need to quit worrying about the word count thing above.
4. Keep in touch with my new writing friends Amanda and Elle.