Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It is not writer's block!

As I’m writing lately two quotes keep running thought my head. Both of them I have said numerous times on this blog. One is in fact on the sideline.
The first one is “But if you make progress on your book each and everyday, isn’t that what counts?” written by Jaci Burton in one of her blogs for 70 days of sweat.
I have been trying to write my story so I can have it finish at the end of the month. Why? So I can start a new idea for NaNoMo. This mean I have to write about 1200 words a day. Not have much luck with that.
Here my week starting Wednesday Oct. 1
Wednesday – 372
Thursday – 0
Friday – 6
Saturday – 492
Sunday – 42
Monday – 0

Tuesday - 0

See those zeros? On those days I’m staring at the blank screen, notebook paper, or print-out thinking WHERE TO GO NOW??? This leaded to the next quote.

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after if with a club!” Jack London

I’m bad about waiting until a scene pop into my head, and then I write.

I have found a few things to help me. One thing I’ve tried is to set a goal for my heroine and I write her to it. She gets into trouble on the way, of course.
As I try new ideas for getting the story moving I’ll tell about them here.