Saturday, July 7, 2007

Here a post by Lilith Saintcrow
Here a little of what she had to say...

So you finished one book. That's great. It's wonderful. I cannot say too much how wonderful it is. Go out, get drunk, get laid, celebrate with the substance/friends/food/party of your choice.
Then get over your hangover the next morning and go back to the goddamn keyboard or pen. Sit down, and write something else. Get back to work. Do it as soon as you can, don't give yourself a reason to put it off. Because writing is what makes a writer. To paraphrase the Buddha: before finishing novel, write and revise. After finishing novel, write more and revise.

The line "Sit down, and write somethig else." That what catch my attention, only for me it should say... Sit down and write something! What I get out of this article, that really about "the writer of the one manuscript", is if you want to succeed in the world of publishing you need to write everyday, even when you feel bone dry out of inspiration. Well that my thoughts for now. Now I'm going to have my coffee and go write. ~A