Tuesday, November 27, 2007

42nd day of sweat

OK so I basically started the story over. Started writing it from the hero Point of View. Normally I write both together though out the book. No no not this time. For started I decided to write in first person from my heroine point of view. this worked pretty well until I realized I don't know my hero. He doesn't talk to me or my heroine very often, make it hard to write about him. Men! any who over my very short thanksgiving break my hero all the sudden started telling me his side of the story. (yes i hear voices in my head.....*roll eyes* It called writing a story in your head.... just that charterers take over..... yes I'm crazy what can I say I'm a writer. ) any who.... So I'm now writing his story. It could not have come at the worst time. i have a research paper due next week and then finals.

Yesterday word count: 275