Saturday, February 2, 2008

friday's report

very little progess on friday. I only wrote 2 pages. Here the thing I was at the computer, while I can spit out a good number of pages at the computer I now believe that I'm better at getting more pages the old fashion way. lol pencil and paper. There seem more of a conneting between by day dreaming mind and my writing hand. When I'm at the computer I still worried about typos.
So does two written notebook pages equal one typed page?
That what I believed in High School at least.
Does everyone agree with that?
Here the big question is it one side or both sides that count as a page? lol
Ok now everyone get back to writing!

Happy Writing and Good Luck!

Monday, January 28, 2008

fast draft and plotting

So I just joined Candace Haven's write_workshop yahoo group. She getting ready to start a workshop on how to write a fast draft in two weeks. She said to write 20 pages a day. All I can say about that is WOW! Anyway not sure I'm going to join this workshop since I just came up with a new idea that need some serious resource before even writing the first draft.

So this time around I have decided to try being a plotter. Or a least write more background and do more resource before writing that first draft so this is not a book I can try write in 30 or 70 days. Right I'm writing scenes in my heroine's first person POV. So far the scenes are importance to her. I'm hoping that other characters' scenes start popping into my head. I believe that actual story will be in 3rd person.

Later Y'all