Thursday, July 12, 2007

5th day of sweat

Still in the seventy days of sweat Challenge by alison kent.
It's the end of day 5. I'm still going strong! I found that I write best between 7-10 something at night. I never dreamed that would end up my best time to write. For the last 2 days I've gone 730 words over my daily goal. so alittle over 2000 words a day. Wow! I'm that much closer to my over all goal, that what I keep telling myself.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

3rd sweaty day

ok it the 3rd day of Alison Kent's seventy days of sweat! This challenge is just what i need to sit my butt down to write! Goodness know that what authors do day in and day out they sit at thier computer and write. And most days I never get around to writing. It like I'm scare or something. Scare i fail and i have yet to try so I have failed if i haven't tried. Now thanks to Seventy days of sweat I'm trying and I'm now farther in my book.
As I said in the earlier post my goal is 85000 words in 70 days. I figured out that about 1300 words a day. That number alittle over but still doable.
So on sunday I found out about the challenge from Marjorie M Liu's LiveJournal Blog. She didn't say much but I was then curious so I click the link to Alison's blog. Wow like I keep saying just what I needed so I signed up. It was late on sunday but I started writing. I wrote least then a page but it got me started! Yesterday (monday) I read the posts that Alison linked in her blog, realized that I don't have so much on my plate as some of the authors in this chanenge it was a wow moment. also on monday I wrote my words count for the day I still behind becouse of sunday but it's ok I'm writing!! that what matter! and i'm closer to finish my book then i was on sunday. That what I keep telling myself I'm closer. I'm closer! Great feeling! So I need to go write for today. Thank you for visiting my blog! ~A

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Seventy Days of Sweat

Seventy Days of Sweat - the writing challenge
I just sign up for this challenge by Allison Kent!
Goodness know I need something to help me write everyday.
Click the link above for more info.
Now I'm going to go write.
Oh by the way my goal is to write 85,000 words in the next 70 days!