Thursday, September 11, 2008

The goal has been moved farther back

I have decided to move the goal of finishing my novel to sometime in October. Turned out the plot I had planned is not strong enough so I'm now re-reading my story. I'm asking myself if I was the reader of this story what questions would I have. As the writer I'm going see how I can answer these question.

See I'm farther in my story then I ever arrived before. I normally quit the story before this point so I'm stuck. I'm scared. I sit frozen in front of the computer thinking "is this story good enough?" "Is what I have written so far good?"
The good news
I don't what to just start another story. I mean if I do that I start at word zero again. And after so much work on this story I'm not quiting. I'm giving my permission to write .... (can't think of a word to put here that is not a curse word.) oh yes I stole the idea of self permission from berry path's 's blog she wrote months ago.